May 2024


Exhausted in Edinburgh

Our last day in Edinburgh and we revisited an old friend (the castle), had tea at the Elephant House, and do some wandering in new parts of town. It was great seeing the 1:00 cannon, visiting the Honours of Scotland, and drinking tea where JK Rowling worked.

Everyday day (except Sunday), the 1:00 cannon […]

Echoes across space and time – Wyoming from Germany: My Wyoming Monologue

Below is my piece for the Wyoming Monologues, a performance put on at the University of Wyoming last night, March 8, 2013, following a performance of the Vagina Monologues. I owe a debt of gratitude to Ian, Stephan, Jay, Alexander, and Bonnie for their helpful comments during the writing process. Further, it would […]

My hard work is over. The Wyoming Monologues go on…

Strive On – The control of nature is won, not given.

As I noted at the beginning of February, my entry to the Wyoming Monologues was accepted and will be performed on March 8th at 9pm following a performance of the Vagina Monologues.

Writing my piece was an interesting exercise for me, mainly because […]

Random Thoughts for January 20, 2013

My Wyoming Cowboys won their basketball game against #15 San Diego State last night. Given the scheduled game times, I tend to sleep through the vast majority of the games – February 16th is the most plausible game for me to watch/hear live, if it weren’t for the fact that I already have plans […]

Irish Poetry and an Appreciative Clapping Audience

Wednesday night I had the pleasure of joining the Irish Berliner and Snooker in Berlin for a poetry reading at the Irish Embassy.

Admittedly I am not a huge poetry reader. I find poetry difficult to navigate and comprehend on the first try—and I suspect that I process poetry differently from the way I process […]

15 Writers Who Have Influenced Me

15 Influential Authors, in no particular order / via Resident on Earth:

Richard Bradford (Red Sky At Morning) Robert Lawson Tom Sharpe Dan Savage David Sedaris Anthony Bidulka David Levithan Donald Westlake Janet Evanovich Richard Florida Sarah Vowell E. B. White Laura Ingalls Wilder Richard Feynman Harriet (Stratemeyer) Adams

I’ll be the first to admit […]