May 2024


Whatchamacallit 32: Panda eating bamboo

The above photo is of a photo I took at some point between 1999 and 2003 – judging from the fact that the Memphis Zoo claims to have received them in 2003, it must have been 2003 because I moved to Germany in the summer of 2004 and there’s no way I took this […]

Erfurt Zoo

Yesterday Chica+1 invited me to join them on a trip to the Erfurt Zoo—which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

What an awesome zoo: It was only 6€ to get in to the zoo that takes up 62.6 hectares—154 acres, or almost a section of land (if we want to talk in US terms). […]

Old School Zoo

My last afternoon in Armenia, I headed to the zoo with my host. It was a last minute choice, and something left out of the Lonely Planet guide—and what a shame.

The zoo is clearly old school—how I imagine an American zoo looked in the 1950s: too small cages, and plenty of opportunity for human-animal […]

Panda Bears

I took this photo a couple years ago when I was “stuck” in Memphis overnight at Northwest Airlines‘ expense.

I’d rigged the trip in the hopes that this would occur so that I could see the Panda Bears at the Memphis Zoo. Along the way I got to ride in a pink limousine past Graceland […]

Aversion Adverted

It seems that the introduction of hot Swedish babes didn’t turn the gay penguins straight. Aversion therapy didn’t work.

Quelle Surprise!

(Thanks to Anja for the tip!)

Zoo Photos Posted

Hey! I managed to get the photolog started tonight! It was easier than expected although I have much work ahead to modify the look and feel.

Photos of various creatures are on display now!

Note: This entry from when the photolog was separate, the two blogs were later intergrated.

A Trip to the Zoo

Note: Click on the pictures to see enlarged versions!

Today my friend Danny and I went to the Indy Zoo to look at the animals. I brought along my camera and went crazy. The best are below!

The fish like to eat brocolli. The Zoo currently has a special exhibit of seahorses. I […]


Today was a good day for the most part. It got off to a slow start when the Terminix man showed up over half an hour late. He managed to battle the latest ant infestation, and he thinks I may have caught this one just before it got really bad. Woooo! While waiting for the […]